Dave CArter


Exploring Your Opportunities for Personal Success Online

19th November 2016
It can be hard to imagine the modern life without the Internet, as its usage has become indispensable. We all do practically everything online, but the question remains: have we been utilizing this powerful tool to our full advantage? The ubiquitous ... Read >

Getting Wiggy with It

23rd October 2012
From something thatís been worn merely as protection for bald heads from the sun, the wig has certainly come a long way. In the old days, people wore wigs to disguise the fact that they have less hair than usual or as an alternative to hair loss therapies... Read >

A Two-Minute Comparison Between Compatible and Genuine Ink Cartridges

13th August 2012
In the printing industry, doubts over the ink quality of compatible ink cartridges still prevail. That these third-party inks produce the same quality of prints as the genuine ink cartridges doesnít pull much weight. Thatís because independent testing don... Read >